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There are different systems and separate teams in the organization for endpoint equipment, IT, network, and security management that affect time to market, cost, and efficiency. However, more than all these factors, it is important to make changes in response to cyber-attacks as soon as possible.
That's where MBH comes in with its management system for endpoint equipment, IT, network, and security.
This system allows for real-time changes and enforcements, and MBH also provides SaaS services like SEC/SOC as a Service. This service limits the need for the organization to allocate teams for monitoring, control, and management of endpoint device needs.

Soc as a service (SOCaaS)

Constant monitoring and improvement of the connection of the organization's end equipment is vital to ensure the security of the network. With MBH's SEC/SOC as a Service, this monitoring is carried out in a controlled manner by the SOCaaS personnel. They prevent, locate, analyze, and respond to cyber security incidents to keep the network secure. The opening and locking of MBH is also done in a controlled manner by the SOCaaS personnel to ensure that only authorized personnel have access.

Work from home

Online Workshop

MBH enables secure connection of organizational devices, such as laboratory and development equipment, via cellular to a dedicated APN in the cloud, SaaS or on-perm. 

Home WiFi connection is also possible, MBH use Wi-Fi to Cellular transceiver or using VPN starting from the MBH's internal firewall among the additional protections.

Security as a service


MBH-LABS is a SECaaS system that manages all MBH components in the organization without the need for establishment, monitoring, and maintenance. It allows network and security managers to control MBH components on the access side and major systems. The system also connects to third-party systems and provides support for the entire system.


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MBH-Safe Custom Made service


MBH-Safe is a physical cyber safe that provides cyber protection to all equipment inserted into it. It enables secure communication between the equipment inside the safe, and the internal network and servers, ensuring complete peace of mind. Our MBH-Safe Custom Made service provides a dedicated solution tailored to the specific requests and needs of the customer. This service also offers additional options for adding enhancements to MBH, such as cameras, GPS, sensors, public speakers, microphones, alarms, and more.

3rd party systems Integration

Black Gears

MBH-Labs provides the flexibility to integrate its system with other third-party solutions, enabling organizations to identify, change IPs, filter traffic, set up alarms, and more for each OT, IoT, and IIoT device using a secure API, automation, and machine learning. This integration ensures that organizations have complete control over their endpoint equipment, allowing them to manage their devices effectively and efficiently. By leveraging MBH-Labs' solution, organizations can achieve complete peace of mind, knowing that their endpoint equipment is protected by a robust and reliable system.

Ps integration team

At MBH, we offer professional services that include consulting, planning, implementation, and support at the client's site. We work closely with our customers to build the required solution, which includes MBH customization of all equipment, integration
with the customer's systems, migration and operation processes, and more. Our team of experts provides personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer. With MBH-Labs' professional services, customers can rest assured that their endpoint equipment is protected by a robust and reliable system.

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